Beautiful LandscapeSustainable Landscape Design

Goodnight Design specializes in sustainable landscape design. I serve Vancouver, WA and most of Clark County.

My landscape designs are a beautiful cooperation with Mother Nature that:

  • Are appealing and livable
  • Provide interest year round
  • Require lower maintenance
  • Employ the right plant / right place principle
  • Attract birds and pollinators
  • Utilize native and edible plants

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Coach logoConsulting / Gardening Coach

Do you have a smaller situation? Do you have gardening questions? Are you new to our area? Try consulting or coaching which can cover such things as:

  • Plant ID
  • Solving culture and maintenance issues
  • Teaching pruning and other skills
  • Design suggestions
  • And much more

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Daggett_detailSuccessful Landscaping

To assist homeowners in creating and maintaining a successful landscape I have created this information and resources section. You can find all sorts of information like:

  • Knowledge Base — do a search or browse information by category.
  • Plant & cultivar lists — these are both topics in the knowledge base page.
  • Reading list — my favorite books on horticulture, landscaping, and more.
  • The Blog — Articles about horticulture, landscaping and sometimes FOOD!

I design, consult, coach and occasionally teach classes with a focus on the combination of elements that ensure a successful landscape and also minimal damage to the environment.

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Art Meets Science

Beth GoodnightUsing my background as a graphic artist blended with my passion for plants, inquisitive nature, and calling to teach, art and science can meet — in your garden.

Let me bring harmony to your landscape — in beautiful cooperation with Mother Nature.

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