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Use of my images: You may use my own images to illustrate a reference you are making back to my blog post or website. You must link the image back to my article or page and in nearby text mention my name or Goodnight Design with link back to my article or the page in question.

You may use my own images to illustrate educational projects (Science Fair, etc.), but not for marketing purposes to sell or promote a product or service. You may not use my header image(s) without written permission. If you are interested in using one of my images to promote a product or service, please contact me for pricing. I also have loads of other photos if you are interested in purchasing stock photography of a botanical or scenic landscape nature.

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I will not knowingly collect or save any information from you that you don’t freely offer to me. If you fill out my contact form, I will know your name, email address and comment. But I will only use that information to get back in touch with you unless you specifically ask me to do something else with it (like refer you to someone else who might help you better than I can).


The blog has been created as a resource to help gardeners with their gardening issues. It is a venue for me to distribute information, and to encourage discussion and learning. Here are the rules:

  • No politics or religion unless my post or my own comments specifically start those subjects.
  • Feel free to correct me if my science is faulty. I’m all about learning. If you are opposed to my opinion, you may let me know, but please don’t criticize me, or others, for our opinions.
  • Feel free to add helpful science, experience, or opinion.
  • Have fun, but not at the expense of others.
  • Be respectful, civil, and polite — no vulgarity.

Don’t ask for a link exchange. I am not doing that at this time.

You Will Be Banned

I reserve the right to delete any comment I choose. I reserve the right to ban an unruly, or robot, or off-topic commenter from making further comments on my blog.

You will be permanently banned if you:

  • try to comment with a fake email address
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  • use a youTube or other web address as your name
  • use a web address in the body of your comment that is not directly in context to the content of my post. Example: if I’m talking about pruning shrubs, your link should NOT be something about casino gambling, or sex, or gaming, or cleaning products, or team jerseys. If you can’t see how those things just listed don’t pertain to pruning shrubs, then I’m sorry, but I don’t want to know what you have to say. This is a blog about horticulture and landscaping. Only pertinent posts will be accepted.
  • are a spammer and I can possibly catch you
  • are rude (my criteria of what constitutes rudeness)

If you want to tell me what a good writer I am, or ask me how much spam I get, or if I’ve ever been hacked, or what software I use, or if I have advice for your blog, or anything else that doesn’t relate to my post, use the site contact form, not the post comment area. If you use the post comment area, you will be permanently banned.

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