Thank you so much for spending so much time with me today. I really felt like I got a private class in gardening. I feel like this was money so well spent as I now understand why to prune the various kinds of plants the way they should be pruned and how I can get my yard looking a bit more attractive without killing all the plants off. You were so full of so many wonderful ideas and I really felt like you understood what I like, what my husband likes and how to possibly blend the two. Your thoughts about our lawn situation were very thought-provoking and I will do some more research on that. In some ways, I feel overwhelmed, but I also feel so excited about the possibilities.
— CS, Vancouver, WA

We appreciate, very much, the coaching Beth gave us on our landscaping. We only wish we had used her knowledge and expertise before our initial landscaping plan was completed. She has an excellent understanding of various plant materials and best practices in the garden. Her tips and instruction on soil preparation and pruning were also very helpful. With so much information to retain during our coaching session, we found her taping of the session particularly useful. Beth is a natural teacher in the best sense of the word, and we highly recommend her services.
— RC, Camas, WA

Earlier this year I discovered Goodnight Landscape Design at the Portland Yard, Garden and Patio Show. We had recently torn up our front yard and sidewalk to remove the stairs and replace them with a gentle sloped sidewalk and new front deck. Our yard was mud and piles of rocks, yuck. Beth worked with us to vision a yard with low bushes and grasses with little or no watering needed. We loved her ideas and now have a front yard the neighbors are envious of. We have spent many hours this past summer enjoying the new yard and love the fact there is no mowing needed. Thanks Beth!
— PC, Portland, OR

Beth’s interest, warmth and enthusiasm were infectious. Five minutes into my coaching session, I felt like I had a new and knowledgeable friend to share and expand my garden vision. The follow-up report she sent was thoughtful and comprehensive – much more detailed than I expected. The coaching session was well worth the money; I expect to schedule more sessions with Beth as my garden evolves. And what a perfect housewarming gift a coaching session would be! Beth has my highest recommendation.
— CS, West Linn, OR

I moved to the Pacific Northwest from the Midwest, having seen photos of gorgeous gardens in Oregon and Washington, and was eager to get going on my garden.  I really wanted one of everything and was quickly overwhelmed.  Beth helped me clarify my ideas and wishes and came up with a beautiful landscape plan.  The CD she made for me had wonderful plant lists with photos and other resources that I have used and will need in the future.  She’s enthusiastic and very knowledgeable, and I enjoyed working with her very much.
— MB, Portland, OR

We met Beth at the Home and Patio Show in Portland. We were intrigued with the concept of coaching. We had a nice landscaped yard with lots of plants, but there was something missing. It was our lack of know how in managing the plants. We called Beth and went from the idea of just coaching to listening to her ideas on how we could replace some plants and rearrange others to make the yard really show off it’s beauty. Beth developed a set of plans that are outstanding. The plan lists potential plants as well as displaying new walkways etc that will be simple to install yet significantly enhance the landscaping we currently have. The plan is really state of the art and will make it easy for us to follow through.
— R&K, Portland, OR

Being from Ohio, we really didn’t have a good handle on what plants would be appropriate for this climate. Sure, we could just plant and water a grass yard, but being in this eco-friendly section of the country piqued our desire to depart from the norm and create a native landscape.

We met Beth at one of the local shows and instantly felt comfortable with her. As we discussed the possibilities, her knowledge of all the plants became instantly evident. She has a great eye for the potential of a space. She listened to what we had in mind and created a design for us that will end up being beautiful. We’re thrilled with the design and have already recommended her to some of our friends.
— BR, Beaverton, OR

During our landscape makeover it became apparent that a design was necessary. To the rescue came Beth Goodnight. A colleague at work had shared the design she did for him, and wow was it ever beautiful! I contacted Beth, setup an appointment, and was immediately tasked with a homework assignment that proved very beneficial to the design process. On the fly, she developed a plan that we put into motion. Beth’s design and knowledge of plants, trees & shrubs helped us to achieve our final results.

We loved collaborating with her. And she made herself available thru email and phone to answer all of our questions and concerns. She exceeded our expectations, and we would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who has design or gardening needs.

Thank you, Beth, and keep up the outstanding work. We love our yard!
— M&D, Tigard, OR

We hired Beth to design a landscape for a house we had recently built. I can only give her rave reviews!

She is a meticulous planner, taking into consideration all of the complex details that make a great landscape. On top of that, she takes time to get to know your gardening personality, and whether you’d like to spend lots of time on maintenance… or very little. She took great care, give us options, and when she had a good idea of our taste, she prescribed a simple, cohesive design that really complemented our house!

She has a vast knowledge of plants, and what she doesn’t know she will spend lots of time on the internet finding out. You surely do get your money’s worth!

I give her my highest recommendation!
— CM, Hockinson, WA

Since I recently moved to this area, and needed some advice on how to best maintain the plants and trees in both my front & back yards, I was thrilled to learn of Beth’s garden coaching services. I was totally impressed with her vast knowledge of plants—both common AND Latin names. She gave me excellent ideas of plants and trees to incorporate in both my front yard with sun exposure to my back yard needing shade plants.I also appreciated Beth’s follow-up emails about those plants for which I needed additional information… included suggestions for possible changes in landscaping for our front yard.

Thanks again, Beth, for your wonderful help & expertise in guiding our landscaping projects.
— BT, Vancouver, WA

After struggling for several months, looking at several books on landscape design, and not knowing what to do first, I came across Beth’s name in a newspaper article on garden coaching. In just a couple of hours she was able to give me several great ideas to get the effect and features I was after. Things I’d never have thought of on my own. She also drew up a quick plan for me to follow on the ideas we had discussed.

I was able to start doing things to my yard with a cohesive plan in mind within an hour after talking to her. I highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to decide how to get started or what should go where. She is great!
— SJB, Vancouver, WA

Thank you Beth, for the wonderful ideas to bring color to my Atrium. I am excited to see the beautiful coral bark maple as the seasons change.
— SK, Vancouver, WA

Beth is an incredible landscape designer who delivered beyond our expectations. It’s undeniable that her graphic arts background and plant mastery sets her apart from everyone else. The quality of materials far exceeds any other contractor we’ve worked with. She listened and masterfully designed our front yard landscape including a layering plan to transition over time from a full-sun to part-shade situation. She covered all our bases. Everyone will be calling on Goodnight Design as word gets out about this amazing landscape designer in Vancouver!
— JMB, Vancouver, WA

I am impressed by Beth’s breadth of knowledge about gardening and the extent of her helpfulness. She gave me so many ideas and was very responsive to my questions and input. I had been procrastinating on a small gardening project which I didn’t have the confidence to start. With her help I was able to complete the project and am delighted with the result!
— LE, Vancouver, WA

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