For SUNNIER Situations

Most plants that attract hummingbirds do so because of their nectar. And most flowers that make nectar need full sun. So by definition, most plants that attract hummers are found in sunnier situations. The following plants would serve you well in any sunny garden — even if you don’t intend to attract hummingbirds.

[table caption=”” width=”600″ colwidth=”180|180|20″ colalign=”left|left|left”] Botanical Name,Common Name,Attributes*
Taller Perennials,,
Alcea rosea,Hollyhock,”D,F,Fg,Ft”
Canna generalis,Canna Lily,”D,B,F,Ft”
Crocosmia spp.,Montbretia,”D,B,F,Ft”
Delphinium nuttallii,Upland Larkspur,”D,N,F,Fg,Ft”
Delphinium elatum & hybrids,Larkspur,”D,F,Fg,Ft”
Echinacea purpurea,Cone Flower,”D,F”
Fuchsia (hardy cultivars),Hardy Fuchsia,”D,F”
Iris siberica,Siberian Iris,”D,B,F,Ft”
Liatris spicata,Blazing Star,”D,B,F,Ft”
Monarda didyma,Bee Balm,”D,F,Fg”
Salvia greggii,Autumn Evergreen Sage,”E,F,Fg”
Salvia microphylla,Baby Evergreen Sage,”E,F,Fg”
Sedum spp.,Tall or Upright Stonecrop,”D,E,F”
Medium-height Perennials,,
Achillea millefolium ,Yarrow,”D,E,S,F,Fg”
Agapanthus praecox spa.,Lily of the Nile,”E,S,F,Fg”
Agastache spp.,Anise Hyssop or Hummingbird Mint,”D,F,Fg”
Dianthus armeria,Pinks,”D,F,Fg,Ft”
Dicentra spp.,Bleeding Heart,”D,B,F”
Eucomis comosa,Pineapple Lily,”D,B,F,Ft”
Fuchsia (hardy cultivars),Hardy Fuchsia,”D,F”
Heuchera spp.,”Coral Bells, Alum Root”,”E,S,F”
Penstemon fruticosus,Shrubby Penstemon,”E,F”
Zauschneria californica,California Fuchsia,”D,F”
Zinnia elegans,Zinnia,”D,F”
Shorter Perennials,,
Coreopsis auriculata ‘Nana’,Dwarf Tickseed,”D,F,Ft”
Cyclamen hederifolium or cuom ,Hardy Cyclamen,”D,B,F”
Mimulus alsinoides ,Monkey Flower,”D,F,N”
Origanum vulgare ‘Aureum’,Golden Oregano,”E,F,Fg”
Penstemon davidsonii,Davidson’s Penstemon,”E,N,F”
Thymus (creeping spp.) ,Thyme,”E,S,F,Fg”
Veronica ‘Aztec Gold’ ,Aztec Gold Speedwell,”E,S,F”
Veronica ‘Blue Carpet’ ,Blue Carpet Speedwell,”E,S,F” [/table]

*Attribute Codes: D=Deciduous; E=Evergreen; S=Semi-evergreen; N=Native; B=Bulb; F=Flowers; Fg=Fragrance; Ft=Fruit

For information on understanding and using these plant lists see The Guide.