Rhodie flower with raindropsIs it raining?

Of course it’s raining. This is the Pacific Northwest!

Seriously though, we have wonderfully warm, sunny summers here. But at the time of your coaching session during much of the rest of the year, it very well may be precipitating to some degree. Consulting and coaching can be done in the rain, but I find many people are less than enthusiastic.

So on the day of our visit, if it is raining (or has been raining up until that point) when it’s time for me to get into my car to drive to your location, I’ll call you. We can decide to go forward with our meeting or re-schedule.

In many cases, consulting / coaching can be done from under wide eaves, a covered patio, or by dashing in and out from indoors between showers. I can be flexible. There is no financial penalty for postponing consulting or coaching because of inclement weather.

This same policy goes for cases of very chilly temperatures (45°F or below) or if it’s snowing. It’s not fun to be freezing, nor it is good for lawn or garden to be walked on when it’s crispy.

It’s also not good to tread upon water-saturated soil — even if it’s lawn. If you want to schedule a consulting / coaching session in late winter or very early spring, please assess your situation for sogginess. I want to help you, but I don’t want to do damage to your landscape in the process.

And I realize that plans can change. If you need to reschedule your consulting / coaching session for any reason, please try to give me 24 hours notice. Call or email.

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