Beautiful LandscapeI offer Landscape Design in 2 flavors.

  • Complete Design — A to-scale, full-color, computer-generated drawing with hardscape elements and most plants selected for you.
  • Concept Sketch — A hand-drawn, sketch that can be very useful as you are evaluating your site’s features that will affect your design choices. It is almost always used in conjunction with Consulting / Coaching. Such a drawing can help you remember the design ideas we talked about during our visit, and I usually draw it as part of the visit (rather than going back to my studio to do the work).
For more detailed information about each type of design listed above (including Who Chooses This Type of Design & What You Get), and examples of both types of design, choose an item below.

Two Types of Design

Complete Design
Concept Sketch
Side-by-Side Comparison of Design Services

No matter which type of design you choose, your project is as unique as you are, and not all fit tidily within the bounds of a single service. I can generally customize a project to suit your exact needs. We will discuss your needs at our initial get-acquainted meeting. For what to expect during your design project, see Design Process.

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