Fidlow Vacation

Fidlows Visit Vancouver, WA
Dragonfly Shadow  Columbia Gorge  Eli in the hole  Working While Hiking 
Eli Troll  Tree on Rock  Beacon Rock  Below Beacon Rock 
Fidlows on Beacon Rock  Fish Viewing  Big Fish  Dinner 
Herman the Sturgeon  Mt St Helens  Fireweed  Must Compute 
Rachel and Eli  King of the World 1  Fidlows GniteWolfes St Helens  Mt St Helens 2 
Wildflowers  Flower Girl  Paintbrush Penstemon 2  Paintbrush Penstemon 
Eli UncleSteve  Fidlows Mt St Helens  Krista keeps em laughin  Eli Photog 
Paparazi  Tent Caterpillars  Ranger Rick  MtStHelens 
Chauffeur Steve  Beach Fairy  Maritime Museum  Pilot Boat 
Local Color at Marsh's Museum  Long Beach Frying Pan  Steve2  Fidlows Long Beach 
Pedis!  Stiegerwald Wildlife Refuge  StvEli Always Ahead  Teasel 
Horsetail Tip  King of the World 2  Portland Rose Garden  Train1 
Cousins  Train2  Susie Kids  Totem pole at Zoo 
Polar Pee  Bird  Packing